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I called Mom from the bus yesterday to warn her that the zit on the face of humanity that is Richard Spencer is coming to the University of Florida, and that she should avoid the UF campus while that's happening. It turns out I needn't have worried: she knew who he was. She also knew that the president of the UF had originally planned to deprive him of a platform, but what I didn't know was that the UF's board of directors had caved in to the threat of a lawsuit and allowed Spencer to come. She also knew that Florida's governor had arranged for a heavy law enforcement presence. I'm relieved in more than one way that she's on top if this situation.

I've mentioned this before: the UF campus was my second home growing up. It was my happy place to be a nerdy closet trans girl. And now it's being defiled by chickenshit, broken-headed racists. I hope Gainesville gives them hell.

My father, who was a professor at UF and death on racism, is turning in his grave.

gifts not (yet?) given

Oct. 16th, 2017 01:43 pm
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I did a little drive by to Inn Thrall to bid a relatively brief happy birthday to the proprietress, Kathleen Ashford. Against my better instincts I showed up empty-handed; I had no idea what she might like that she doesn't already have several of in that rambling and well-stocked house. (Yeah, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.) I discovered from the other gifts she got that she's partial to her weed, which is surprising as sunrise, really.

Over drinks with J&R last night I mentioned regretting not getting her some weed, and they pointed out that there's still a limit to how much you can legally have in your possession if you're not growing or selling it. It had never occurred to me that birthdays might present a problem for stoners in a legalized environment.

Speaking of birthdays & B&Bs, the Tickler has expressed a desire for a stay in a nice hotel sometime. I checked, and Inn Thrall, despite being a B&B, is acceptable to her. Pity her birthday wasn't that long ago, but I can find another occasion.

It wasn't a date, but...

Oct. 14th, 2017 06:11 pm
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I had a long night out with the Lady With the Unbelievable Name (LWUN? L1.) We got some cheap but acceptable sushi at Musashi's in the ID, hit a bar called Joe's around the corner where the floor was littered with pull tabs. L1 got hit on a couple of times. It's a blue collar joint, and I felt a little like a jerk tourist - somebody asked if we were from out of town - but the main reason we were there was its location.

Then Contour for a benefit night for Young Women Empowered. All women DJs, including local fave of mine Griffingrrl. It was a good place to be a dirty older woman. Ahem. Oddly enough, I'd never been in there even though I know at least one person who works there because I won't go to Pioneer Square alone; that's why I contacted L1 in the first place.

Then the opening of Nightjar, Michael Manahan's new joint at 407 2nd Ave. Ext S, which turns out to be around the corner from where the Catwalk used to be. We missed Riz's set, but we did get to say hi to him earlier. Music? Definitely an edge to it, but the big dance floor was packed. It might be a better place to go when it isn't quite so crowded, and as you might expect from an old raver like Manahan, this is a place where people go to dance.

Meh: L1's into the woo, and has a primary partner. Our long night out last night definitely wasn't a date.

Yay: She does, however, have the Seattle trifecta going: queer, poly, and a flavor other than vanilla. She's cute, she's fairly close to my age, she's a lot of fun, and she's into a lot of the same things I am. I'll be seeing more of her in the future.

Today: lunch with my son, then catching up on sleep instead of a certain elder Goth's birthday party at the zoo. I feel bad about that, but I really was in no shape to leave my lake place. (There may have been an awful lot of caffeine & alcohol consumption last night. Ahem.) Besides, the Wendling was really, really late due to a botched attempt to dodge traffic on I-5.

Postscript: The kid is all right.

Oct. 11th, 2017 08:13 pm
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Never mind my angst about ECCC vs. Sydney Mardi Gras. When I told the kiddo I'd gotten us both passes to ECCC, he said, "You got one for yourself, too?" As if I we hadn't gone together every single time either one of us has been there. Needless to say, once I explained the unfortunately simultaneous fabulosity about to happen on the other side of the world, he was copacetic with my going there.

When I told Ex, she even suggested her fella, Mr. Right Now, as a possible recipient of my pass. In the name of trying to build my son's social life, I asked if there was anyone his own age he'd like to go with. He couldn't think of anyone, but as I told him, he has plenty of time.
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I just bought tickets for Emerald City Comicon for myself and my son for Saturday, March 3rd. 'That's hardly newsworthy,' you could reasonably think. 'You two have gone together every year for several years.'

Here's where it gets newsworthy: On my bucket list is going to Sydney for Mardi Gras. That's their equivalent of Pride, because the usual time for celebrating, i.e. around the anniversary of the Stonewall riots on June 28th, is the start of their winter. (Oh noes! Winter in Sydney!) And when is their big parade next year? March 3rd.

Mind you, I haven't started on the Mardi Gras plan. I have Burning Man buddies who've offered a couch, but I haven't asked in earnest yet. (The Siberian Siren wants to do the Dinah Shore weekend at some point, but I have information that we may be too late for next year.)

On the one hand, there have been and will be other ECCCs. The passes are transferrable, even. I always have to remind the Wendling of when ECCC is happening, so he's not that enthused about it, and certainly not that enthused about being there with me.

On the other hand, I haven't spent that much time with him ever since he got a job. There are a lot of things I never got around to doing with him when he was a child. (OK, he's a world class whiner about traveling and many other things, which is a major part of that, but still.) How many more chances am I going to get?

too much of a good thing

Oct. 10th, 2017 09:23 am
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Dr. Gaydude says my hormone levels are too high, as in potentially unsafe. He just cut my dose by 20%. On the one hand, I have no desire to experience liver damage, deep vein thromboses, pulmonary embolisms, etc. On the other hand, I lurve the way the girl 'roids make me feel, plus oh yeah boobs. When I'm tailing off the last few days before shot day, I feel kind of punk and cranky. (Crunk? Panky?) This will be the first time in at least four years that my dose has been lowered.

Meet the new doc.

Oct. 9th, 2017 01:13 pm
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I had my first appointment with Dr. Gaydude, the replacement for Dr. Leather Bear, who retired last month. Dr. Gaydude seems all right. He used to be a therapist, and he has that manner about him, so I have to fight my own irritation a little. He indulged me as I told him my life story, he took my blood, and he checked out the tendonitis in my left elbow - probably due to an overstuffed messenger bag.

He seems perfectly acceptable. In fact, he's more willing to believe that estradiol makes me horny than Dr. Leather Bear was, and he was curious about just how long it takes me to get off. He knows Dr. Bowers, who did my surgery. I still, however, miss Dr. Leather Bear; I now have a doctor who won't appreciate it when I wear extra leather.

bare skin & bleeps

Oct. 8th, 2017 08:16 pm
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The Tickler & I went on a date last night to Funny Lady's birthday party, which was at the home of another birthday girl, to be known as Diesel Bleeper for her love of both auto repair and techno production.

At first, the Tickler's delicate digestion was being, well, delicate. So she took one hit of somebody else's weed and was not only right as rain but fairly stoned. Ah, the wonder that is modern, legal weed.

Lots of lovely women, one of whom was wearing Fluevogs. She led me into temptation with Fluevog's winter catalog. Shoe whores lovers unite! She also brought killer rugelach from New York City.

But the real action was in the basement. That was where the hosts had set up a stripper pole. Sure enough, because Seattle, a couple of the guests knew how to pole dance, so they stripped to their sexy undies and did their thing. Oh my.

And the music for the night was either recorded by or produced live by Diesel Bleeper and a friend (boyfriend?) of hers. DB is part of Funny Lady's polycule, if I remember correctly, so I knew her and I knew that she did make techno. What I didn't know is that a) she's good, b) she has tons of gear, which I saw down the basement hallway in her studio, and c) she's trying to recruit more women into doing the bleepy thing.

Uh, shyeah! As you might expect from someone with my love of electronic music, I've messed around with Ableton but found the learning curve to be quite steep. I think it's a godsend to find someone like Diesel Bleeper willing & able to clue me and other women in. The only problem from my perspective is time; October is shaping up to be madness. It doesn't help that DB's place is in the south end and mine is in the north.

The party ended with Funny Lady tipsy, in her underwear, and tickling people, starting with me. She herself is, of course, not ticklish. The Tickler and I give the nearly naked FL two thumbs up. The Tickler had never met Funny Lady, so I don't think she quite believed my hype about FL's parties. She believes it now. Dayumn, my birthday party should be as good.

The rest of the calendar day: cuddles and snores with the Tickler, brunch at Itto's, costuming, and making my birthday invitation list at Funny Lady's urging. She says to send save-the-date messages soon.

Nun hangs with trans peeps.

Oct. 7th, 2017 01:34 pm
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A bit of background that no one reading this knows: Back in the early '90s I used to go to support group meetings organized by Ingersoll Gender Center. Since I wasn't a transitioning woman I wasn't allowed in the group on Wednesday nights, but I did go to the one that was open to all trans people on Saturday nights. Since Ingersoll eventually moved to 17th & Madison, after Saturday night group some of us would go out for beers at Canterbury on 15th, which was a small dive back then.

Well, you know what happened next: I met Ex, got married, had a kid, moved to the east side, and spent about fifteen years trying hard but ultimately unsuccessfully to be straight dude. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when an invitation came across my feed on a certain other social network to a social gathering of trans people (who all turned out to be women except for [personal profile] bork) at Canterbury.

I'm a bit of a sucker for nostalgia. I've also occasionally walked past Canterbury for decades, so I noticed that it had been expanded and spruced up, but the cheesy medieval-inspired decoration had been maintained and even enhanced, as much as that's possible. So I went.

About Canterbury itself: Sports on TVs, good if basic pub grub, lots of beers on tap, and an overstretched wait staff. It's an OK place to hang out in a relatively quiet part of Capitol Hill.

About the trans peeps: Maybe ten of us, from many different walks of life, of varying ages and degrees of cis-normativity. (I will not say "passability".) Somebody else said it first, and it's true: if you've met one trans person, you've met one trans person. Nevertheless, it's pretty neat hanging out with people I have this huge part of my life in common with and who Get It. I just might go back if the stars & planets align, i.e. my calendar says I can make it.

I think about the folks I remember best from those early trips to Canterbury. I saw a couple of them some years ago at That Place Without Alcohol That Was Recently Demolished, but I've otherwise lost touch. I hope they're all right; it would be a great comfort to me to find out that they are.

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